Carrs welding services comes into its own with modern Titanium and Aluminium cycle frames and components.

Repairs can often be a highly effective and considerably cheaper alternative to replacing a damaged frame. Our skilled welders use the most up to date Tig welding equipment. This along with access to some of the latest available alloys prevents unnecessarily scrapping repairable frames.

Carrs are able to perform repairs on all frames made of weldable materials. From Track bikes to Downhill MTB we have successfully restored seemingly unusable frames to full working order. This combines with small unobtrusive strengthening welds to prevent small cracks becoming major issues make repairing valuable frames a very cost effective option.

Additionally, insurance companies no longer need to be obliged to write off expensive frames when an economical and safe repair can be effected.

Please note our cycle service is for repairs only and frames must come to us in a fully stripped state as we can take no responsibility for attached components . Any desired refinishing after welding and restoration of paint or decals are customer responsibility.

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