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Fantastic Results with Ultrasonic assisted laser welding for high volume assembly of automotive battery packs

Achievements and Findings Overview

  • Contactless Transducers for PUVT (Power Ultra-Sound Vibration Treatment) were designed, tested and proved to work. This is the major achievement for Soni-Laser as this means PUVT is possible in production.
  • Aluminium, to Aluminium, welds with PUVT are more than 10% stronger and have improved extension prior to fracture, in cases up-to 64% improved extension prior to fracture. Proved on all the aluminium grades normally used in battery interconnection.
  • Copper to Aluminium welds are more than 10% on average stronger and up-to 22% stronger in cases. PUVT improved the extension, but it is still not an advised weld for a battery/busbar connection. It’s too brittle and prone to fracture.
  • Connection Impedance of Aluminium welds with PUVT showed a small reduction of impedance of typically 5%.
  • SEM analysis shows in the copper/aluminium weld a more uniform composition in the aluminium rich region when applying ultrasounds.
  • SEM analysis shows that the PUVT reduces the spread of the copper into the fusion zone, thus reducing the intermetallic compounds in the aluminium rich region.

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