Carrs started in business repairing and refurbishing mould tools in 1992; in the late 90’s we started investing heavily in laser welding equipment and most people in the industry consider us to be at the very cutting edge of the technology.

As a result our business has expanded and diversified considerably, but we still carry out a multitude of tool repairs every week for our valued mould customers on three of our laser stations dedicated to breakdowns and jobs requiring rapid turnaround on an immense variety of sometimes exotic metal components.

The world’s foremost laser welding system makers, Rofin, Trumpf and Alpha are our chosen equipment suppliers and we have twelve systems installed for welding all nature of jobs, small, medium and large. Our highly skilled workforce undergoes rigorous training before embarking on production work and benefits from regular refresher courses on our constantly updated systems.

The company achieved ISO-9001 quality assurance status in 2001 and all work is carried out to this standard. Carrs Welding Products had their first assessment to AS9100 Aerospace Certification in August 2013, and the re-assessment in November 2016 has allowed Carrs to become a regular supplier into main stream production for Airbus.

Carrs operate from modern premises in Kettering, centrally located with excellent trunk road communication and proximity to airports for rapid logistical support. With our wide range of equipment and a highly skilled but flexible workforce, we pride ourselves on the ability to turn work around exceedingly quickly.

In today’s market we are conscious of your need for keen prices. Carrs’ laser welding technology enables material and process savings not possible with conventional welding. Waste is minimal, and our lean and efficient operation also contributes to keeping your costs down. We trust you will find our rates better than fair.

We remain a family company with ethical values and it is important to us that our customers consider that we are good people with whom to do business and that our employees consider Carrs a good place to work.