Another decade of quality achievement

Carrs Welding are an ISO9001/2008 quality assurance approved operation; the company has built its business on the back of the enviable quality of its production and services.

Auditing of Carrs’ Quality Management System is carried out by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service approved certification body; UKAS is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government.

Carrs Welding Products had their first assessment to AS9100 Aerospace Certification in August 2013, leading on to AS9100 first approval in January 2014. Carrs were re-certified in again in November 2016.

After safety, quality assurance is without a doubt our prime concentration. Many customers entrust welding of critical components to us, so controlled and repeatable precision welding in a clean environment is essential. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our agenda and our stringent quality systems are in place to assure this.

High level independent evaluation against recognised international standards gives Carrs’ customers confidence in the integrity and reliability of our work.

Carrs employ highly sophisticated ‘map and track’ software incorporated in our welding stations to prepare production jobs and guarantee their faithful repeatability time after time. 100% inspection of every item and archive records going back 10 years demonstrate that Carrs may be relied upon for the most safety critical components and assemblies.

Setting-up and welding processes for every production job are written up exhaustively, complete with photographic records so that production work may be carried out equally effectively by any operator. Total traceability of individual components may be guaranteed with our advanced laser marking service.

Test pieces are sectioned and photographed at a magnification of up to 50X in order to verify the efficacy of welds as designed. These records and the physical test pieces are meticulously archived for later inspection and analysis in the highly unlikely event of an in service failure.

For production work where the slightest weld imperfection could be critical, we have invested in state-of-the-art helium leak testing equipment. This ensures that no finished product may leave the plant in a sub standard state.

Carrs have built a reputation as a world class partner to demanding manufacturers at home and abroad. We work in technically very exacting areas such as aerospace, medical and defence where customer demands for quality and delivery are the highest. Our Quality Management System is an essential element in maintaining the high standards our customers rightfully expect.