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About Carrs Welding.

Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd (CWT) was started in the early 90’s carrying out Selective Electro Plating of injection mould tooling.

Through continuous investment in new technology Carrs has grown into one of the market leaders in ‘Precision Laser Welding’. From the early days serving the tooling industry, the company has now grown and reaches a customer base of more than 350 companies.

These range from one man engineering companies to international aerospace manufacturers while still supporting the tooling industry.

Providing continuous investment in staff and equipment over the last 26 years has enabled Carrs to provide tailored welding solutions for each enquiry. Whilst also performing a ‘While U Wait’ tooling repair services. Alongside the everyday demands of ongoing production orders.

Carrs achieved the ISO 9001 quality standard in 2001 and is now accredited to the latest version ISO 9001:2015. Allowing us to continue to serve all our customers to the level they have come to expect from us long into the future.

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