New General Manager ‘Alistair Houghton’

Carrs Welding Technologies


Carrs Welding Technologies with a new General Manager, Alistair Houghton, who has always aimed to fulfil the customer’s needs.


Carrs Welding Technologies now holds 12 laser systems from 1kw up to 6kw lasers, which can weld most types of materials with a penetration up to 6mm thick.

Recently, Carrs invested in a pulsed mobile laser so we can come to your premises and get your tool up and running without even disassembling off the production line. Please see below link


Carrs Welding Technologies achieved ISO9001 quality assurance status in 2001 and our sister company Carrs Welding Products has had its first assessment to AS9100 Aerospace Certification in August 2013 (certification we have maintained for the past three years). Other standards specific to customer requirements may also be accommodated.


Carrs is looking into a new laser welding technology that allows the welding of dissimilar metals like aluminium to copper which, currently, are not viable to be laser welded.


If you have a project that you are having problems with, please give us a call! We have dedicated welding specialists and over 20 years of experience in laser welding. As an alternative, visit our website below:

Give us a call on 01536 412828 and ask for Alison Holland

We look forward to your call.