Carrs Welding celebrate 15 year collaboration with Rofin-Baasel

15 year collaboration with Rofin-Baasel


When German industrial laser specialist Rofin Sinar Laser GmbH was founded in 1975, the company which was to become the UK’s largest independent laser welding operation was but a figment of Phil Carr’s imagination. However, the German company’s move to establish a stronger UK presence in 1998 coincided with Carr’s own decision to specialise in laser welding and this sparked off a solid partnership which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

The partnership has been hugely beneficial for both sides, with both growing consistently to the market leading positions they enjoy today. Carrs has benefited from Rofin’s leading edge technology and Rofin has gained from Carrs’ key contribution to their entry into the huge UK tool repair market.

From cautious beginnings with the purchase of a 30 watt pulsed YAG laser (Rofin UK’s very first laser to be employed in the UK for tool repair), Carrs Welding has built a bristling armoury of welding stations, which today includes five state-of-the-art Rofin welding systems.

Customers seek out Carrs for their unique expertise and knowledge of laser welding. As Phil Carr succinctly put it “this doesn’t grow on trees, and we have been grateful to Rofin for providing utterly dependable equipment and superlative technical support”. The company has grown from a jobbing operation and, with its most recent acquisition of a Rofin Integral CNC-enabled 200watt station, is reinforcing its increased presence in the area of production welding, with impeccable levels of quality and repeatability.

Andy May, Rofin UK’s Managing Director, is economical with words. When asked about Phil Carr’s operation, he said simply “Laser welding done properly”.

When it comes to laser welding for repairs, Rofin’s advanced technology coupled with Carrs’ profound industrial knowledge and professional operators constitute an enduring partnership which appears very hard to beat.



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