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Carrs Welding shifts up a gear

Carrs Welding shifts up a gear


Carrs Welding have expanded their production facilities to cater for increased demand for their specialist and innovative laser welding services. The new production unit acquired virtually doubles the company’s factory footprint.

The backbone of Carrs’ business is in bespoke laser welding; over the years, they have assisted a multitude of companies at their design, prototype and small batch production stages. However the company has increasingly been approached to follow through with full production work, which has driven the plant expansion.

“The trend seems to be that companies are less willing to invest large sums in capital equipment and specialist operators, preferring the flexibility of sub-contracting production welding work, and Carrs are ideally positioned to serve them.” noted Bryn Aldridge, newly appointed director of the production arm of Carrs.

The company has also invested in two additional laser welding stations; a Trumpf TruDisk 1000 for production of small assemblies and a powerful 300W Alpha AL300 station with CNC for small to medium production welding. Carrs now have a total of twelve laser welding stations installed which makes them by far the UK’s largest and most flexible independent laser welding specialist.

Coupled with state-of-the-art laser marking and extensive weld testing facilities, Carrs’ fully ISO9001 accredited operation looks to be an attractive partner for laser production welding.


Carrs Welding shifts up a gear



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