Laser welding versus traditional welding

If you are here already you will probably have some idea of the advantages of Laser Welding over traditional 55947330 189556178685613 736413667271642189 nwelding techniques. What you may not realise is the accuracy with which Carrs Welding are able to deposit Laser welds?

Most of our tooling jobs are to either repair damage or fill areas to allow modification of moulding surfaces and often our customers know exactly what area is to be welded and how thick this weld must be.

Regardless of the advances in machining accuracy we are still often asked to build two and sometimes three times the thickness required “just to make sure”. While we understand that having to return a job for “just a bit more weld” is an expensive and time-consuming exercise, we do feel there is scope reduce these weld deposits and supply a more accurate and cost-effective service.

Our prices are a direct result of material used and time taken, so please take the time to ensure you are not asking for more than required and allow us to show you just how accurate we can be!

Medical meets eye Laser Welding

Laser welding
eye image

A client came to Carrs while trying to combat a medical condition called ‘Persistent Nystagmus’, an abnormal rhythmic oscillation of the eyes that is estimated to occur in 0.24% of the population. This effects a person’s ability to control eye movements, having a substantial impact on quality of life. CWT were able to  successfully weld […]

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Carrs expanding business

Laser welding
exterior 01 sml

Due to the expansion of the business Carrs Welding Technologies have taken over the adjoining unit, No 3 Henson Park Telford Way, Kettering. The new expansive space enables the company take on much larger jobs in the adjoining factory.  CWT have introduced new laser equipment in order to fulfill the greater demand from their customers. […]

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Spring Welding

Laser welding
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Just one of the jobs undertaken this week at CWT. Thousands of straight springs looped and welded by hand keeping the shop floor busy. CWT can offer:- Mould and tool construction / repair High precision welds Protected weld seam (enclosed) Clean surface (no product particles) Medical part welding

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