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Laser welding versus traditional welding

If you are here already you will probably have some idea of the advantages of Laser Welding over traditional Laser welding versus traditional weldingwelding techniques. What you may not realise is the accuracy with which Carrs Welding are able to deposit Laser welds?

Most of our tooling jobs are to either repair damage or fill areas to allow modification of moulding surfaces and often our customers know exactly what area is to be welded and how thick this weld must be.

Regardless of the advances in machining accuracy we are still often asked to build two and sometimes three times the thickness required “just to make sure”. While we understand that having to return a job for “just a bit more weld” is an expensive and time-consuming exercise, we do feel there is scope reduce these weld deposits and supply a more accurate and cost-effective service.

Our prices are a direct result of material used and time taken, so please take the time to ensure you are not asking for more than required and allow us to show you just how accurate we can be!

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Coronovirus : Covid-19

To all our Valued Customers:- As the Corona Virus takes an ever greater hold in the UK , we want to let you know that here at Carrs Welding we will do our very best to ensure continuity of supply throughout these challenging times. Naturally, we are following all guidelines set out by the UK […]

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Medical meets eye Laser Welding

A client came to Carrs while trying to combat a medical condition called ‘Persistent Nystagmus’, an abnormal rhythmic oscillation of the eyes that is estimated to occur in 0.24% of the population. This effects a person’s ability to control eye movements, having a substantial impact on quality of life. CWT were able to  successfully weld […]


Carrs on Instagram

Check out the Latest – You can always be up to date with the latest feeds through your Instagram account. Instagram is your online photo and video sharing social networking service. See what the latest challenges the shop floor have in the world of LaserWelding – on a weekly basis Check out………….or click on our […]

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