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Gun & Rifle Repairs

Shotguns and other firearms are often exposed to wet and corrosive residues after shooting.

Wear on sears, ejectors and latches all lead to an underperforming gun that may seize up or stop working. Carrs are a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) and have been welding gun components since 2000.

Mini Case Studies

  • Barrels:- Laser welding involves a much reduced heat input into the workpiece; hooks may be repaired, corrosion pitting and dents may be filled.
  • Actions:- The heart of the firearm can be repaired to ensure the smooth operation and feel of the gun are perfect. Laser welding is ideal for small crack and corrosion repairs on old and new actions to maintain their originality and look. 
  • Mechanisms:- Laser welding of parts gives a new lease of life to many a firearm suffering from loose closing or unreliable ejecting. It is a sure and guaranteed method of adding metal to worn areas or welding cracked parts without distortion or loss of temper. 
  • Materials:- We stock all current micro welding wires to achieve a perfect metallurgical match to the parent material and contribute to an all but invisible repair.

Loose Barrels

This classic pair of barrels has become a bit loose over decades of firing, then opening and closing in all weathers. Wear against the action means metal is needed on the hook. Carrs built up the hook area on the barrels, with 0.010” or 0.2mm thick of laser weld, a similar grade of steel as the original steel, which blends in well but also wears well. The gunsmith benches the deposit back into the action and makes sure the action of loading and reloading is functional but without the wobble.

Loose barrels

Revolver Refurb

This old revolver was bought at auction and the collector wanted to refurbish to its former glory. `Pitted areas of rust cannot be polished out, and so many small areas were cleaned up for welding. Laser welding the pits builds up the low spots and so they could be hand polished back to the original shape. A soft steel deposit is used so a good blend with existing old steel can be achieved. Leaving small amount of corrosion makes the revolver functional but also not too perfect, so just the bad areas of pitting were welded


Engraving Repairs

Actions can be re-engraved and sometimes will need extra material to make a good repair. This action is relieved to allow the gun to open but needed extra material when as the gun has aged the action opened further and further, hence hobbing into the action. Laser welding can add material, without heat or distortion to specific areas, and can be re-engraved after. The deposit welded on is a similar hardness and character as the original steel.

Engraving repairs
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Coronovirus : Covid-19

To all our Valued Customers:- As the Corona Virus takes an ever greater hold in the UK , we want to let you know that here at Carrs Welding we will do our very best to ensure continuity of supply throughout these challenging times. Naturally, we are following all guidelines set out by the UK […]

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Medical meets eye Laser Welding

A client came to Carrs while trying to combat a medical condition called ‘Persistent Nystagmus’, an abnormal rhythmic oscillation of the eyes that is estimated to occur in 0.24% of the population. This effects a person’s ability to control eye movements, having a substantial impact on quality of life. CWT were able to  successfully weld […]


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