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Laser Welding in Medicine

Carrs have been laser welding surgical instruments and orthopaedic implants for nearly 10 years. 

Titanium and high grade stainless steel, key materials for in the medical field, are welded best with laser rather than conventional means. Laser welding has a reduced heat input, decreasing risk of distortion and alteration to essential properties of the material.

Precision welding coupled with 100% inspection and a nil failure record makes laser welding the clear choice in the medical industry.

3D Chromatography

This large sieve is part a larger chromatography machine for a pharmaceutical product. The mesh had to be sealed to the outer ring and around the fixing holes, so to minimise the ingress of the product into areas that cannot be flushed clean. The ring is made of a sandwich of steel plates with the mesh in the middle. The 1mm plate on the top is stake welded all through the mesh and into the 6mm plate underneath. This technique secures the mesh and keeps it tort across

3D Chromatography

Ball Assemblies

These stainless assemblies are made from 3 parts and the wire is welded to the base and the ball with a neat laser weld. They are polished after welding as no bug traps are allowed. They are a consumable device being discarded after use.

Ball assemblies

Wrist Implants

This implant is fitted with a small rare earth magnet, which is encapsulated in the device. Laser welding is used to melt in the lid, but the magnet has a maximum temperature allowed of 110C, which must not be reached otherwise the magnet loses its properties. The welding is hot enough to melt stainless steel at 1440C but must not reach 110 degrees only millimetres away. The magnet triggers a proximity sensor when in the correct position. Laser welding is perfect for this job

Wrist implant

Catheter Cutter

This cutter is used to prepare a catheter from a solid tube. Laser welding blades to a straight wire allows the wire to pass through the tube and the blades cut a section from the tube. This produces the precise cut out needed for the diagnostic catheter required

Catheter cutter
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Coronovirus : Covid-19

To all our Valued Customers:- As the Corona Virus takes an ever greater hold in the UK , we want to let you know that here at Carrs Welding we will do our very best to ensure continuity of supply throughout these challenging times. Naturally, we are following all guidelines set out by the UK […]

eye image

Medical meets eye Laser Welding

A client came to Carrs while trying to combat a medical condition called ‘Persistent Nystagmus’, an abnormal rhythmic oscillation of the eyes that is estimated to occur in 0.24% of the population. This effects a person’s ability to control eye movements, having a substantial impact on quality of life. CWT were able to  successfully weld […]


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