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Design and Prototypes

Design and Prototypes – Weld Design

Carrs advise customers on weld preparations and how to improve the quality of their applications.

Design and Prototypes

Welding is often the last (but critical) process to complete a component. And considerable value may have been added by this stage. Carrs advises customers on design and prototypes. From as early as the design stage to finished products, on how to maximise the quality of their welds. By recommending materials and welding strategies specifically suited for each application.

The main considerations for welds done at Carrs are:

  • Material – The selection of a weldable grade. Which will not experience the most common welding issues such as cracking or emission of spatter. Or in the event of a lower weldability grade, the strategy to successfully weld the application / improve the quality of its welds.
  • Joint configuration – The consideration of the optimum design. Backed with stress analysis to fulfil the customer’s requests.
  • Access to weld – The recommendation on weld access. To allow the laser beam to complete the weld without hindrance.
  • Shielding Gas –  The recommendation for effective shielding gas and its optimal delivery to the work piece.
  • Testing – The consideration of several tests to assure our customers that their requirements have been fulfilled. These include non-destructive tests. Such as Visual Inspection, Helium/Vacuum Leak Test, Dye Penetrant. Or destructive tests such as Weld Macro/Micro Analysis and Hardness Testing.


Carrs are able to weld prototypes of any metal design. This might, for example, be a car component where prototype or pre-production work is needed prior to mass production, or where only a small batch is required. At the other end of the spectrum, it could be a new sensor design. Where conceptual testing needs to be carried out. We are approached on a daily basis with new application challenges. And rarely fail to find solutions for them.

We are a highly flexible company. Focused on laser welding for a multitude of applications in diverse sectors. And can bring this experience to help you develop your product. Furthermore, it is free of charge if you entrust us with the production work.

Irrespective of the production volume, such testing and trials enable Carrs accurately to bid for production welding.

"Good communications meant that development problems were resolved quickly and with no adverse affect on product quality..”

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