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Quality and Compliance

Quality and ComplianceOur principles:

  • We are committed to the provision of Precision Laser Welding (Pulsed and Continuous Laser Welding) TIG Welding and Soldering for the Manufacturing Industry.
  • We aim to achieve and sustain a reputation for quality products and services at prices which are competitive.
  • We are committed to maintaining a Quality Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and retain status as a registered firm of assessed capability.


Our mission:

  • To provide products and services that are fit for purpose. And completely meet and where possible, exceed our customers’ requirements.
  • To encourage the involvement of our staff in matters which have a bearing on quality. And for the staff to accept responsibility for maintaining, and where possible, improving the quality of products and/or services within the scope of their function.
  • To comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. And with all other codes of practice and industry standards to which we subscribe, including ISO 9001: 2015.
  • To operate a programme of continuous improvement. Which ensures that the policies and objectives detailed in our Strategic Business Plan are achieved.
  • To establish Objectives and/or Key Performance Indicators.
  • To review our objectives, KPIs and overall quality performance at the management review meetings.

Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance approved operation

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our agenda. And our stringent quality systems are in place to assure this. Many customers entrust us with the welding of critical components. So controlled and repeatable precision welding in a clean environment is essential.  In addition, High-level independent evaluation against recognised international standards gives Carrs’ customers confidence in the integrity and reliability of our work.

Carrs have several procedures/techniques in place to assure our customers of the quality of our processes. Which have demonstrated over the years that Carrs may be relied upon for welding the most safety-critical components and assemblies. For example:-

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highly sophisticated 'map and track'

  • software incorporated in our welding stations to prepare production jobs and guarantee their faithful repeatability time after time.
  • sectioning and photographing of test pieces at a magnification of up to 400X in order to verify the efficacy of welds as designed.
  • 100% inspection of every item and archive records going back 10 years for later inspection and analysis in the highly unlikely event of an in-service failure.


Carrs have built a reputation as a world-class partner to demanding manufacturers at home and abroad. We work in technically very exacting areas such as aerospace, medical and defence where customer demands for quality and delivery are the highest.

The auditing of Carrs’ Quality Management System is carried out by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service approved certification body.

“Our Quality Management System is an essential element in maintaining the high standards our customers rightfully expect.” Alistair Houghton (General Manager).

“Excellent Prompt service and more importantly Quality of workmanship.”

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