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We have been providing a precision Laser Welding service to the Medical Industry for over 15 years. With projects ranging from Orthopaedic surgical tools to Ocular Inserts we have enjoyed the challenges of supplying this demanding Industry. Laser welding is ideal for all metallurgical applications as the control enables 100% repeatability and where the design and material allows , no need to add filler wire. Whether you are looking for a structural weld or hermitically sealed joint Laser welding should be the first process you consider.
Key advantages/services available:
  • Minimal HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) resulting in zero distortion
  • Exact Metallurgical match of Materials
  • CNC Laser welding for 100% accuracy and repeatability
  • Stock of Materials including Stainless Steels, Titanium & Aluminium, with Material Certification available
  • Laser Marking
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