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Tooling repairs is the original core business that we setup Laser welding for and it remains as one of the most varied and rewarding types of welding. Damage, machining errors or modifications are all downtime for tools during which time they costing and not making money. This is where Laser welding really shows its value, as the control and accuracy of our deposition is such that we can localise the welding to just what is required and no more. This will reduce the time spent on post welding operations and your tool will be up and running much sooner. If you add to this the ability to weld thin profiles without distortion, the unrivalled accessibility of Laser welding and its suitability for welding all grades of metal alloys it is easy to see why we have fully committed our Business in this Technology.

Advantages to Laser welding at Carrs include:

  • Fast accurate weld deposition, with smaller job available as a While u Wait Service.
  • Minimal (HAZ) Heat Affected Zone, resulting in no distortion or weld undercuts.
  • Almost all Metals and Alloys are weldable including Ampcoloy, Aluminium, Titanium and Hardened Steel.
  • 6 Pulsed Laser systems available.
  • All commonly used materials in stock at al times.
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