Shotguns and other firearms are often exposed to wet and corrosive residues after shooting.

Wear on sears, ejectors and latches all lead to an underperforming gun that may seize up or stop working. Carrs are a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) and have been welding gun components since 2000.


Barrels are brazed together; conventional welding of them risks melting the brazing and ruining the sighting of the shotgun. Laser welding on the other hand involves a much reduced heat input into the workpiece; hooks may be repaired, corrosion pitting and dents may be filled for later hand polishing to complete the repair work.


The heart of the firearm can be repaired to ensure the smooth operation and feel of the gun are perfect. Laser welding is ideal for small crack and corrosion repairs on old and new actions to maintain their originality and look. Damage to delicate engraving work can be treated minutely under the laser system 10x optics before re-engraving.


Hand made mechanisms from hundreds of gunsmiths over centuries of gun making mean that most firearms are unique. To maintain originality it is better to repair a worn or cracked lever or sear than to replicate it. Laser welding of parts gives a new lease of life to many a firearm suffering from loose closing or unreliable ejecting. It is a sure and guaranteed method of adding metal to worn areas or welding cracked parts without distortion or loss of temper. Old springs may not be repairable but most other parts may be welded well and return the firearm quickly to service.


We stock all current micro welding wires to achieve a perfect metallurgical match to the parent material and contribute to an all but invisible repair.

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