Racing Teams

What do rally, Formula E, motorcycle, Formula 1, Nascar and karting teams have in common?

They are all working at the cutting edge of their sport, using advanced materials, techniques and special fabrications to eke out valuable fractions of seconds over their rivals. Inevitably, at this level, teams encounter breakages, failures and occasional accident damage. As many of the components are bespoke (and all but the top teams run on tight budgets), there may be no off-the-shelf replacements therefore swift and effective repairs are called for.

Laser welding is an exact process causing no distortion and, in many cases, requires no further finishing; components once welded can often go straight back onto the vehicle, saving valuable time and money. Laser welding can even rescue valuable components which, otherwise, would be destined expensively for the scrap bin.

Carrs are able to weld almost any metal race component, from aluminium castings to titanium exhausts, from CV joints to (Subaru) wheel hubs, from ERS battery connectors to actuator axles, from (Porsche) tappets to crankshafts. When rebuilding components for subsequent machining, Carrs carefully match welding wires to the original material so the integrity and strength of the finished component is assured.

Carrs have 12 state-of-the-art laser welding stations, so there is at least one laser to weld a quick turnaround and get your car, bike or kart back on the track with the a minimal delay. Laser welding can get your team out of trouble quickly and at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Racing Teams Case Studies