Tooling Repairs

Steels, especially hard tool steels can be welded conventionally but the heat and the stress introduced with Tig welding make it almost impossible to remove all witness to the repair.

Typically a Tig weld has a large heat affected zone (HAZ) with a soft centre and a hard ring where the steel has been quenched quickly; high carbon content material is also prone to cracking. Even if cracking is avoided, the hard ring will show up as a shiny surface and round the repair will be harder than the original. See how laser technology can overcome these welding problems and talk to us before replacing expensive tools.

Tool steels such as 1.2767, H13 and P20 are all welded well with laser technology. Like for like filler wires are always in stock and deposits can be welded on tools where there is wear or where new metal is needed for a tool modification; gone are the days when your tool has to go early to scrap. Carr’s carries out dozens of tool repairs daily and has three lasers dedicated to this task. There is a high demand for our while-you-wait service for breakdowns but please consult us early for optimum results.

Tooling Repairs Case Studies