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Client Reviews


Very helpful

Carrs welded an aluminium motorcycle engine casing for me, great job at a great price ,quick turnaround, thanks carrs…

Very good needed a repair to a fishing bed very helpful collected next day

We have been using Carrs Welding for the past few years for a precision laser welding.
Ours is a specialist welding of a 200micorn thick (thin!) printing sheet made of nickel around a roll with a thinnest weld line possible. The weld line is also around 200-300micron in width.
We have looked at a number of other lasers welding options, however the quality, responsiveness and professionalism is second to none with Carrs.
We would be happy to recommend Carrs for both routine as well as new developments as they can work innovatively to help find solutions.
Rohan Kumar
Senior Technologist
Optrical Limited

Excellent team and quite capable of high quality welds. Besides beign expert, the staff is quite professional and responsive to emergincy jobs.

Well what can I say about Tom Gilbert, and his company : I can’t praise this guy and his company highly enough! ,….from the very first email I sent him , he responded super quick,..was super helpful with information even before I decided to let him do work to my pride and joy.

This guy oozes professionalism and attention to detail even down to the way he handles customers! …..I was a no body to him and the way he dealt with me and the response /respect and professionalism he showed me , he will always always have my business and I will be sending him everything I can as you just don’t get people and companies like this anymore!,….most companies are only interested in your money, but with Tom Gilbert and his company it’s very obvious that he is one of the one offs in this world that deserve allot.

Thankyou Tom, you and your business should be very proud, I think your service can’t be beaten and thanks for such a pleasurable deal, hope to give you many more in future as and when I need to.

all the best
Daniel 👍🏻

Five Star!

Highly recommended.

We have had several jobs completed by Carrs, the quality, service and lead times have always been great. We sent Tom photos before taking jobs over and communication has always been very fast and helpful. The weld has always machined nicely and sealed cracks and leaks. Top service and we highly recommend.

Excellent service really really helpful and Tom really helped understanding what I needed. He also did a great job

For some years I have endured a poorly working linkage on the transmission of my elderly sports car. I finally decided to get it fixed once and for all, but took time to decide on the solution. Still with no firm idea, I took it to Carr’s on recommendation. I met with Alistair and 15 minutes later not only was there a simple solution, but the job was done and it was absolutely solid. Well done and sincere thanks!!

First class service and top quality workmanship. Would highly recommend.
Met Tom who was a great help in getting a last minute job completed for us and there quality was brilliant.

I’ve used the services of Carrs Welding Technologies for nearly ten years now. I find their level of skill and knowledge to be superb and they have more than once found solutions to various development conundrums I’ve been faced with.
Never been disappointed in any of the work they have done for me.


At Carrs Welding Technologies we strive to be the most flexible welding specialists in our industry.


With over 100 years combined experience, our knowledgeable team is always on-hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Dedicated Team

Our Team is dedicated to providing customers with the best personalized and professional service as is possible.


From designing and prototyping to weld analysis, we strive to solve any problem that you may have.

We're Here To Answer Any Questions

Welding is often the last (but critical) process to complete a component. Considerable value can be added prior to this stage. At Carrs, we are able to advise customers on design and prototypes from as early as the design stage all  the way through to finished products. We can advise on how to maximise the quality of your welds by recommending materials and welding strategies specifically suited for each application.

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