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The Aerospace Industry have some of the most stringent standards applied to any welding process, which makes it one of the most challenging Engineering sectors to supply a service to. We have the privilege to say that our welding is not just keeping Planes in the air but has extended beyond our atmosphere where our welds are sealing reaction wheels used to position satellites as the orbit the Earth. slightly nearer to the ground we have laser welded parts ranging from in-line load sensors for Flaps and Ailerons to critical Engine parts.
Services include:
  • CW (Continuous Wave) Laser Welding, 0.5mm to 7mm penetration.
  • Pulsed Laser Welding for weld deposition and the use of filler wire.
  • Cross Section Analysis of weld sections, including ¬†measured digital images.
  • First Article Inspection Reports and Certificate of Conformance.
  • CNC Laser welding for 100% repeatability and accuracy.
  • ¬†ISO 9001 2015 Quality Standard.
  • Material Certification and Metallurgical Reports.
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