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Shotguns are both functional tools and astatically pleasing collectors items. This makes Laser welding the ideal process as you have total control over the weld at all times enabling you to deposit exactly where you want to without even affecting the surrounding area. With this sort of control you can fill individual letters of engraving 1-2mm height or deposit hard material on the end of a firing pin without risk of distortion. This is not to say larger areas can’t be build if required as Laser welding is ideal for this too and with the ability to control the depth of deposit we can reduce the post weld machining or hand finishing to a minimum.
The Key advantages of Laser Welding are:
  • Accurate and controllable weld deposition
  • Minimal HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) resulting in zero distortion
  • Metallurgical match with parent materials allowing invisible repairs
  • Line of sight access enabling welding in areas previously thought un-weldable
  • Fast turnaround often allowing a While U Wait service to be possible
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