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Research and Development is the key stage of a project during which Carrs open, honest and flexible approach really comes into its own. We appreciate that often in the early stages tolerances may not yet be as they will for final production and the overall design may still be in a fluid stage.  With a range of Lasers and a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of Welding, Materials and Mechanical Engineering we are able to guide, advise and deliver solutions to whatever is asked of us, even if it is one if the rare occasions when the answer is not to weld.

R & D services include:

  • Cross Section Macro Analysis of welds
  • Images of weld sections with digital measurements
  • Design consultation
  • Vacuum Testing with Helium Leak Detection
  • Pressure Testing
  • X Ray weld analysis (via Subcontractor)
  • CAD software to view and edit most file types
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