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The SONI-LASER Project

What is the Soni-Laser project aim?

Soni-Laser will introduce a non-contact Power-Ultrasonic Vibration Treatment (PUVT) subsystem that will assist the laser welding process of EV batteries and enhance the integrity and quality of welds. The PUVT subsystem will include both hardware — power ultrasonic transducers — and software — computational models that will control process parameters such as ultrasonic frequencies. Using suitable power ultrasonic frequencies, not only can the intermetallic be redistributed, but also the weld geometry can be modified to suit the particular joint requirements.

The Soni-Laser solution will:

  1. Reduce residual stresses, along with a 10% improvement in mechanical properties (e.g. strength) of the battery weld, due to grain refinement and phase distribution;
  2. Prevent and minimise the formation of bulk intermetallics by 30%;
  3. Increase the laser welding speed by at least 50%. Commercially, Soni-Laser will be a retrofittable bespoke solution, comprising the proposed PUVT subsystem and its optimisation models, customised to each client (EV battery manufacturers) and each battery module segment within their production line.

Learn more about the Soni-Laser Project by clicking the link below.

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