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Well what can I say about Tom Gilbert, and his company : I can’t praise this guy and his company highly enough! ,….from the very first email I sent him , he responded super quick,..was super helpful with information even before I decided to let him do work to my pride and joy.

This guy oozes professionalism and attention to detail even down to the way he handles customers! …..I was a no body to him and the way he dealt with me and the response /respect and professionalism he showed me , he will always always have my business and I will be sending him everything I can as you just don’t get people and companies like this anymore!,….most companies are only interested in your money, but with Tom Gilbert and his company it’s very obvious that he is one of the one offs in this world that deserve allot.

Thankyou Tom, you and your business should be very proud, I think your service can’t be beaten and thanks for such a pleasurable deal, hope to give you many more in future as and when I need to.

all the best
Daniel 👍🏻

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